Bye WhatsApp

June 1st was my last day at WhatsApp. After roughly nine months I decided to leave the company and find new challenges.

Despite being a world-class organization where I had the chance to work with incredibly talented individuals, there were some things that were not the right fit for me:

  • Relocation to London: I had to relocate to the UK for tax purposes in the middle of a global pandemic. Then the country completely shut down for nearly five months, which let’s say did not do wonders for me and my family wellbeing.
  • Split by technology rather than product vertical: I was supporting three platform teams, that were running a bunch of projects at the same time. This approach had a lot of communication and sync overhead, and it was causing me to drift away from product and tech. This resulted in me doing a lot of work that I was able to do, but did not enjoy at all.

Hello Google!

I wanted something different, possibly outside the UK. I reached out to one of my HR contacts at Google and talk about the possibility of joining. The process was quite streamlined and I could not be more excited to join Youtube in Zurich by mid July!

I really miss focusing on a single product and support a team that can build full-stack, and now I will have the chance to do it.

Can't wait! :D

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